Should Christians Drink Wine?

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Author(s): Curtis Hutson
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Many Christians are honestly perplexed by the issue Dr. Hutson addresses here. They wonder if there are instances where a “sip” would be “innocent.” Does the Bible have a definite word on this subject? When does the Bible word wine mean “fermented wine,” and when does it mean “fruit of the vine”? Did Jesus ever condone drinking wine? Is drinking wine damaging to a Christian’s testimony and influence?

Using the Scriptures that some say are contradictory, Dr. Hutson deals with this controversial subject directly, clearly, and thoroughly. He covers some rules of Bible interpretation that would be helpful in studying other topics.

You need not continue to be undecided about this important and practical issue. This booklet will answer your questions and equip you to explain to others the Bible teaching concerning Christians and wine.


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