Sin-Free Living

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The heritage of every believer is FREEDOM

Sin – it’s what nobody seems to talk about, but everybody is tempted with. It’s not “relative” … sin is real and it affects lives every day. Sin breaks up homes. Sin ruins reputations. Sin can alter the course of a life forever…but you don’t have to fall for it.

Jesse Duplantis shares a powerful sermon that will inspire you to start dealing with temptation the right way so that you can enjoy more Sin-Free Living than you thought possible. As Jesse says, “You don’t have to sin every day. That’s a religious lie. You can go looooong periods without sin. I do. I have made up my mind to live clean, and you can too.”

This message is not for the faint of heart! But, it just may change your perspective and your life. You’ll learn:

  • Truth wasn’t designed to restrain you; truth was designed to set you free
  • Why it’s never a sin to be tempted – but it’s always a sin to yield
  • Why you can’t “domesticate” the Word of God – sin is sin, regardless of culture
  • Mankind wasn’t created to “handle” the Bible – the Bible was written to handle mankind
  • How to draw from the life of God more than the grace of God
  • How to recognize who or what “draws” you…who’s your Delilah?

Receive your own “invasion” of the Holy Spirit and start enjoying more Sin-Free Living!


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