Featured eBook – March 2013 – Sound of Heaven, Symphony of Earth

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Author(s): Ray Hughes
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RAY HUGHES IS A UNIQUE MAN OF GOD WITH HIS SPIRITUAL EAR TO THE GROUND. God has given him a 21st century word that is prophetic in nature, yet its roots run all the way through Scripture. I have never met a man or woman who has the prophetic revelation and insight into Davidic worship like Ray Hughes. He takes what the rest of us have misunderstood for years and makes it understandable and applicable for today.
Pastor John Kilpatrick
Brownsville Assembly, Pensacola, Florida

RAY HUGHES HAS ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE TEACHING GIFTS THAT I KNOW OF. He follows the Holy Spirit in searching the depths of God. He then shares his treasures with prophetic vision and a pastoral heart. He deeply challenges and deeply encourages at the same time.
Rick Joyner
Founder, MorningStar Publications and Ministries

RAY HUGHES IS ONE OF THE MOST ANOINTED MEN OF GOD THAT I HAVE EVER MET. His teaching on worship and praise is one of the clearest trumpet sounds I have ever heard. I believe it is Ray Hughes’ time in the body of Christ, and it is time for us to open our eyes and ears to God’s Word.
Ricky Skaggs, Nashville, Tennessee


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