Speak the Word – Hickey

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Would you like to ignite a Supernatural EXPLOSION of blessings in your life? When you daily speak forth the Word of God, the explosive kernel of life that is in every word, will burst forth into a brilliant display of blessings. Get excited! Set off some fireworks in YOUR life!

This Booklet contains promises thoughtfully selected for your “Daily Confessions of Faith.” I have included Scriptures to cover every area of your life: your health, prosperity, family, marriage, job and the salvation of your loved ones!

Energize your Vocabulary! Bring the dynamic power of the “Spoken Word of God” into every area of your life. Speak the Word daily! Build your strength and increase your endurance. Boldly speak forth the Word, and lose susceptibility to depression find sickness. Do you want a strong heart? … a whole heart? … a healthy heart? If so, exercise your authority as a believer by speaking the Word over every •circumstance and situation in your life. BECOME THE “MIGHTY MAN OF GOD” THAT HE INTENDED YOU TO BE!!!


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