Spiritual Jurisdiction

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Have you ever wondered why blessings God has promised don’t always flow to the believer? I Have you wondered why Satan can effectively attack believers even though they are legally delivered from his power? Do you understand your own spiritual rights and your range of authority? Do you understand what it is that determines and limits your calling and effectualness in ministry?

In Spiritual Jurisdiction, Markus answers these questions. He reveals that just as the natural realm is governed by unchangeable laws, so also is the realm of the Spirit. And just as ignorance of the laws that govern the natural world result in grave consequences, so also ignorance of the laws that govern spiritual operations result in grave consequences and make success in spiritual matters difficult.

Spiritual Jurisdiction is an established law which controls the operation of all beings in the spirit world. God’s activity, Satan’s activity, and believers’ activity are determined by their range of jurisdiction. Each has established boundaries within which they can operate and outside which they cannot operate. Understanding each of these realms of Spiritual Jurisdiction will shed tremendous light on some “Why’s” and “Why not’s” of Christian life.


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