Spiritual Timing

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A new message is coming forth to the Church, and Christians who do not understand the timing of God will not receive this new word. The Holy Spirit has commanded the Body of Christ to understand God’s timing and finish preparing for the coming change in seasons. In Spiritual Timing, Roberts Liardon has packed powerful principles on staying in step with God’s timing for your life and ministry.

God has a clock by which all things are either in season or out of season.

Some principles you will learn include:

– Why some Christians do not want to understand God’s timing
– How to discern the time in which you are living, and how to correct yourself if you are out of step with God’s timing for you
– How you will benefit from “fine-tuning” your spiritual timing
– How to understand the role of spiritual warfare in spiritual timing
– How to prepare for the coming prophetic anointing
– How to recognize the three enemies of ministers
– How to respond to God’s warnings

God does not live in the past, He lives in the now. Christians must learn to think in the now, and not rest on past glories of previous moves of God. Spiritual Timing unlocks the secrets to receiving the blessings God holds for today and will help you discern your role in the next move of the Holy Spirit.


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