Strangers to Failure

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Author(s): Benson Idahosa
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No believer in Jesus Christ should ever, no matter how bad the situation, call out, “All is lost!” Your faith in God and salvation through Jesus has given you more than enough power and wisdom to claim victory in any out-of-control situation. Now you need to learn how to apply the principles for victory in your life.

Benson Idahosa has written Strangers to Failure in order that you might live in the knowledge that you have total authority and immeasurable power in God’s Word. All people face times of crisis, but Christians have opportunities for victory, not situations of defeat. The hour of your breakthrough has come!

You will learn:

• How to face and triumph in “zero hour” situations
• How other servants of God overcame trials and tribulations
• How to maintain control in out-of-control situations
• How faith changes destiny
• How faithfulness to God leads you to “higher ground”

God desires that we continue triumphantly through every circumstance and situation in life. God wants us to be Strangers to Failure.


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