Success in Life and Ministry (RLiardon)

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Author(s): Roberts Liardon
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Success in Life and Ministry, Roberts Liardon’s newest book, shows how believers and ministers can enjoy the successful life God intends for them.

Based on years of historical research and a rich ministry of his own since age 12, Roberts warns against building a life or ministry on a spiritual experience, a spiritual gift, or some new “revelation. ” Instead, he counsels, successful Christians to build their lives on the sure foundation of the Word of God.

To achieve success in life and ministry, Roberts challenges Christians to do these things: maintain a strong prayer life, find your place in God’s plan, be persistent and bold, walk in love, be God-conscious, walk in the Spirit, live a holy life, and reverence God.

He then devotes a chapter to exploring the three areas that cause the most problems in life and ministry: marriage, money, and spiritual pride.

Success in Life and Ministry is a “must” reading for Christians of all ages and callings.


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