Supernatural Principalities and Powers

Format: eBook (PDF)
Author(s): Lester Sumrall
File size: 1,876,374 bytes
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If you think witchcraft, demons, and magic are bizarre but harmless nonsense…

Lester Sumrall exposes the frightening reality of evil spirits—and tells you how to remain free from their pervasive influence—in this disturbing overview of satanic strategies.

13 chapters you need to read…

• What is the appeal of the occult?
• The truth about demons
• Messages from the other side?
• Are curses for real?
• The lie of reincarnation
• The cult of cabala
• Fortunetellers: Satan’s false prophets
• Astrology in the age of Aquarius: Do the stars influence our lives?
• Are there really witches and warlocks today?
• Black and white magic
• Haunted houses: the dwelling place of demons
• Is hypnosis dangerous?
• Satan’s ultimate trap


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