Supernatural Relationships

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Author(s): Ed Gungor
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• Just how much value does God place on human relationships?
• Do we really need each other?
• How can we justify getting closer to those we know when so many are lost and going to hell?
• Who is responsible for resolving conflicts?
• What do you do when you can’t stand looking at a person who has offended you?
• What are the secrets of forgiving others when it seems impossible?
• How do I keep from being used by others?
• How do we combat the evil that motivates people?
• How does God strengthen our relationships?

Referring to relationships empowered by God’s love, Jesus said, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples.” But loving relationships are among the most complicated of skills.

Writing from a solid biblical background, Ed Gungor talks about how relationships work, what they mean, and how what we do and believe can enhance or destroy them.

“This book is about winning in our relationships. As you put the truths you read into practice, you will discover the power you have in Jesus Christ to build, correct, and restore relationships you were previously ready to abandon.”

“If you have ever seen or experienced the joy of restoring a relationship that was on “death row”, you will agree with me that they are worth fighting for until you win!”—Ed Gungor


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