Take Possession of Your Inheritance (Cerullo)

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Author(s): Morris Cerullo
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Did you know that God has made His promises available to you through His Word? He has! However, you must act in faith to take possession of them. This book will show you how by examining the lives of two of God’s warriors who refused to accept defeat.

Through the story of Joshua and Caleb, you will learn the characteristics of an overcomer and how to overcome the giants in your life! As an overcomer, you will demonstrate those same characteristics. As you yield yourself to the Holy Spirit, God will work in your life to develop them!

God will allow circumstances to come into your life through which He will build up your faith and make you a mighty spiritual warrior, able to stand against all the powers of darkness. Wage spiritual warfare like Caleb and say, “Give me this mountain! I claim my inheritance, in Jesus’ Name!”

Whatever giants you are facing, and regardless of how long you have been waiting for your breakthrough, hold on to God’s promises. Refuse the negative report of the enemy!

You have a choice. Whose report will you believe?

God is saying, “Go in and take possession of your inheritance!”


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