The Anointed and His Anointing

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If there’s one thing every Christian needs to understand, it’s the anointing, From providing successful parenting, to conducting honorable business to destroying devilish strongholds, to communing with the Father—you need to apply the power that God has given you for victorious living.

In this eight-message series by Kenneth Copeland, take hold of this mighty gift from God as you learn:

what the anointing is, where it comes from and how to tap into it
how to destroy the bondages of the devil in your life
the powerful message of the early Church
the key to protecting the anointing within you
a biblical way to give the devil a hefty “punch”
how to continually stay in the anointing
the devil’s main tactic against the believer—and how to beat it
how to apply the anointing to your profession and everyday life

Discover God’s power and provision for your victory today … discover the Anointed and His Anointing. You’ll literally never live the same way again!

Message titles Its include:
• The Anointing—God’s Yoke-Destroying Power
• The Source of the Anointing
• The Anointing Message
• The Message of the Anointed’s Anointing
• The Anointed and His Anointing
• The Spirit of Division
• Walking in the Anointing
• The light of the Anointing


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