The Anointing to Rule (Copeland)

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In The Anointing to Rule series, Kenneth Copeland, David Barton and Keith Butler come together to help Christians discover how important our role is in these important days in the God’s plan in our world!

It’s a new day, and the Body of Christ is beginning to discover they can influence the political process and bring about change—changes for the good of the nation! When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice (Proverbs 29:2). And now is the time for the righteous to stand up with the gifts—and the anointings—God has given them to get involved and take a stand with moral absolutes and true character.

In this insightful and scriptural series of discussions, these ministers answer questions such as:

  • What place do God and spirituality have in government?
  • Can Christians be called into politics?
  • What kind of anointings has God given His people to help their nation?
  • What is the Christian’s role in the political process?

There’s no doubt, it is a new day—a day when Christians are making a difference like never before as they discover that they have an anointing to rule and the gifts God has given them for influencing their nation. The Bible has much to say about it! The time for a spiritual awakening is now! In politics, just like in anything else, Jesus Is Lord!

By Kenneth Copeland, David Barton and Keith Butler


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