The Awesome Power of Shared Beliefs

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Author(s): E Glenn Wagner
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When men from every part of Christ’s body unite around these basic doctrines, exciting things can and will happen.

In stormy times, you need a rock-solid fellowship and faith in Christ. The Awesome Power of Shared Beliefs explores the basics of Christianity and shows you how to communicate and connect with your Christian brothers by working out your differences and achieving unity in purpose.

When you understand the essentials of your faith, you will discover a Christian unity that rejoices in diversity yet stands together on the rock of God’s Word—and how to work together in Christ to make a real difference in today’s changing culture.

This audiobook offers insight into five beliefs that all Christians share: the Bible. God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the redemption of man. If you want a faith that can transform your world. The Awesome Power of Shared Beliefs offers a model for unity and power in Christ.

(Note: This is an audiobook)


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