The Beauty Realm of God

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Author(s): Mike Bickle
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In this teaching series Mike Bickle introduces the revelation of the ‘beauty realm of God.’ Gazing on God through the doorway of Revelation 4 and 5 gives us incredible understanding about who He really is, and what He finds important.

Drawing from Isaiah, Revelation, and other scriptures, Mike insightfully discusses the beauty of God’s throne and all that surrounds it. In addition to a verse by verse study of Revelation 4 and 5, Mike also introduces worship principles related to the Heavenly Symphony around the throne. Why, for instance, do the 24 elders become overwhelmed when the living creatures worship the Lord? What happens in our hearts when we enter into this unbroken cycle of fascinated worship?

The throne is the entrance into the Father’s revelation of His Son as the Bridegroom, King and Judge. Peering into this eternal drama will evoke a response of extravagant love that you will find absolutely invaluable in your pursuit of Jesus.


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