The Birth and Boyhood of Christ

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In this volume we give a background of the historical events which occurred in the world at the time of Christ. The book answers such questions as:

  • What woman in the Bible saw events unfold during the whole century before Christ’s birth, and who dedicated her life to the work of praying for the coming of the Messiah?
  • What does history say about Herod who murdered the children of Bethlehem?
  • How did it happen that Joseph and Mary underwent the hardships of the trip to Bethlehem just before she was to give birth to the Christ child?
  • Was Christ born on December 25th?
  • What do the apocryphal gospels say about the boyhood of Christ? Are these stories credible?
  • Did Jesus go to school?
  • What events happened in Nazareth during the boyhood days of Christ?
  • What terrible and shocking catastrophe happened three miles from Nazareth during the time Christ lived there?



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