The Covenant of Fifty-Eight Blessings

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While sitting in an airport in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. Mike Murdock decided to complete an idea that he had thought on for many years…To mark every single Scripture that contained a promise of a blessing ….in the sequence recorded from Genesis to Revelation. Eight hours later, he had created the now Best-seller, “The Blessing Book.” Later, he noted that there were 58 different kinds of blessings.

Two years later, while sitting on a platform in Washington D.C., the Holy Spirit led him to do a very unusual thing: To sow a very special Seed of $58 into another ministry. This seed was to be a monument in the mind and memory of God that he was in covenant with God for every one of those 58 Blessings.

It changed the course of his life. Thousands have asked that this book be written. In this book, Dr. Murdock explains the phenomenon that occurred, his experiences, and testimonials, and in the words of God Himself…The Covenant of 58 Blessings. Your life will never be the same.


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