The Dumbest Thing a Christian Can Do (JDuplantis)

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Author(s): Jesse Duplantis
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There is absolutely NO LIMIT to what God can do for you, and He wants to do even more than you realize—will you let Him?

Having inadequate thoughts of God and being foolishly narrow-minded about what He can or wants to do in your life can shut down His best plan for you. In this liberating message, Jesse will help you uncover and reject all sabotaging, impoverished thinking and limited views of God so that you can receive the overflow of miracles, favor, and blessings Jesus has for you. You will gain great revelation and understanding as Jesse encourages you to:

  • Never limit God’s wisdom, for it is infinite
  • Never limit God’s power, for it is omnipotent
  • Never limit God’s mercy, for it is as high as the heavens
  • Never limit God’s time, because He is sovereign


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