The Faith of Our Family

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Author(s): Oral Evelyn Richard and Lindsay Roberts
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During the tragedies and trials our family has experienced, our FAITH in God has always brought us through to victory! Now through this four-message series, we want to share our stories with you and your family to help you become an overcomer In Jesus’ Name!

THE MARCH OF FAITH: Oral Roberts tells you how to get up and get going with your faith for victory even in the midst of impossible circumstances.

COURAGE THAT CONQUERS: Evelyn Roberts shares how she had the faith to go on after the sudden and tragic loss of her oldest daughter and son and how her joy was restored.

IF YOU CAN TAKE IT, YOU CAN MAKE IT Richard Roberts describes how his faith carried him through a time when it looked as though he was going under. It will inspire your faith not to give up.

YOU’RE FULL OF IT Lindsay Roberts tells how she learned to be full of faith when their lives were turned upside down as Richard took on the presidency of Oral Roberts University and its $42-million debt.


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