The Gift of Prophecy

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What Is the Gift of Prophecy?

Prophecy is a supernatural utterance in a known language. Paul urged Christians to seek this gift above all others.

Kenneth E. Hagin, whose ministry has spanned nearly half a century, is generally acknowledged to stand in the office of prophet. In The Gift of Prophecy, Rev. Hagin explains the differences between the simple gift of prophecy and the office of prophet; between prophecy in the Old and New Testaments; and between interpretation of tongues and prophecy.

He shows why scathing denunciation is not the gift of prophecy in operation, what part our personality plays in the operation of the gift, why you should be careful concerning prophetic guidance, and how you can learn to judge prophecies.

The Gift of Prophecy is a book you will want to refer to again and again to answer your questions about this important spiritual gift.


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