The God Factor (BWinston)

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Author(s): Bill Winston
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Wherever Jesus went he knew, without a doubt, that the unlimited power of God was working in and through Him, He knew that nothing was impossible or to hard for God.

In this series “The God Factor,” Dr. Bill Winston shares straight from the Word of God how every believer can walk in the same power that Jesus did. How? By understanding the God Factor!

You will learn:

  • What’s possible for you is not based on what others have done
  • There are no problems on this earth that are a problem for God
  • The words you speak play a pivotal role in your deliverance and much, much more!

There is nothing too hard for God. And now that you are in the Kingdom of God there is nothing too hard for God to resolve, restore, replace or recreate in your life. Let the revelation shared in this series help you to fully manifest the Kingdom in your life as you learn how to exercise the God Factor!



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