The God of the Breakthrough Will Visit Your House – eBook

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Jerry Savelle Has a message from God

“I received a supernatural visitation of the Lord and He gave me the keys that will get you in position for the God of the breakthrough to visit your house. What He taught me has drastically changed the condition of our ministry and my life…forever. And I believe it will change yours, too.” – Jerry Savelle

Do you feel like you’re just surviving?

Do you feel like your life is in a rut?

Does the struggle seem to go on and on without ever letting up?

Do you wonder at times if god really hears your prayers?

God knows exactly what you’re going through. He has seen your frustration. He’s heard your pain. And He has a plan for your breakthrough mapped out in His Word.

In this unique book, written by inspiration of the holy spirit, jerry unveils that plan in a way that is clear and easy to understand. He has an assignment from GOD to teach believers how to get their hearts right, their homes in order, and their finances prepared for a supernatural breakthrough!

In this book, Jerry addresses issues such as:

• How to get out of survival mode

The secret to being free from bondage

• Could there be a curse on your life?

What to do when the pressure is great

• 4 steps to getting out of a rut

• What you can do now to get ready for your breakthrough

• And much more…

When God visits your house, things start changing! The very adversity you’re experiencing today could become the stepping stone to your greatest victory. Discover how to get ready for the God of the breakthrough to visit your house and take you from surviving to thriving! It is possible. It is realistic. It is entirely up to you.



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