Featured eBook – March 2013 – The Hidden Power of Your Words

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Creating Your World Through Words

“No one commits to divorce just like that. No one becomes an alcoholic just like that. No one kills someone just like that. No one commits suicide just like that. They’ve been set up throughout the course of their life to act in error by what they said.

“They started early on by saying, ‘Boy, life is the pits. This is hell. I guess that’s my cross to bear.’ Some people talk about the cross more than the resurrection. ‘Well, you know, I’m carrying big burdens,’ they sigh.

“If you keep talking about your burdens, this attitude will grow and fester in you. Before you know it, you won’t like life. You’ll wake up one morning and think that the world is getting grayer every day. All the color seems to have gone out of the world, and it doesn’t look the same to you anymore.”

“Life used to be a playground to you; now it’s a battlefield—created by your own words.”
—Dr. Christian Harfouche in The Hidden Power of Your Words


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