The House That God Built

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The Christian Church of the nineties is drowning in a flood of human ideas and programs to bring “God’s dreams” to pass. Impatient to impress, we preach on television each week, and our radio programs air three times a day. We knock on every door in town, run full-page advertisements in the newspaper, and our full-color billboards blanket every major highway.

We promote popular spirituality and synthetic sincerity to the point where our members dance gaily from one congregation to the next, nibbling daintily at the largest religious smorgasbord of unanointed presentation and powerless pageantry. Somehow, we’re missing the mark.

What if God were to take away from the Church everything He never told us to do? David wanted to build a house, but the Lord had a totally different idea…”I am going to build you a house!”

God is solemnly calling us to enter the gates of His true house. It is here that we will discover—and learn to live out in practical ways—the spiritual order of the House that God built for David…and of the House that God is building in and with us!


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