The Intensity of Your Desires

Format: eBook (PDF)
Author(s): Carolyn Savelle
File size: 1,044,804 bytes
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Are you tired of praying hit-and-miss kind of prayers? Do you wonder why some prayers are answered and others still aren’t? Have you done all you know to do and still haven’t received your breakthrough?

In this life-changing book, you will discover the keys to reaching the heart of God and receiving the very desires of your heart. Having lived by faith since 1969, Carolyn has tapped into a mystery that will change the outcome of your prayers … forever.

In this easy-to-read style book, you will discover:

Just how badly you really want your breakthrough
What family you were born Into
How to become intense on getting your victory
How to truly put your faith to work
How to become passionate on getting answers to your prayers
How to change delays into instant manifestations … and much more.

When do you want your victory?

It’s up to you and the intensity of your desires.


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