The Interceding Christian

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Author(s): Kenneth E. Hagin
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The call to intercede is the call of the hour. This is a time when the great army of God must rise up to pray for governments, to win the lost, and to intercede for others, taking their place.

In this outline of the basics of intercession, Kenneth E, Hagin says, “Too many times we say we believe in prayer and let it go at that.” He leads the believer into a knowledge of intercession, encouraging him to experience all that God has for him in this area.

As Rev. Hagin says, “You could say you believe in driving an automobile. But that doesn’t mean you can drive one. You could learn a lot by studying a handbook on driving, but there are some things you never would learn until you got in an automobile and started driving. You learn by experience.”

With that approach, Rev. Hagin paves the way for students of the Word to become keen intercessors, driving back the forces of darkness with prayer.


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