The Judas Spirit – The Spirit of the Betrayer

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Author(s): Leon Shook
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“Never has there been a more timely book written to the Body of Christ than the book you hold in your hands. Through his writing, Pastor Leon Shook sends a warning to every Christian leader and layman alike about the spirit of betrayal that has raised its ugly head in today’s churches.”
—Apostle Lewis Greenup, Jr.

“This insightful book will open your eyes, and teach you how to overcome and walk victoriously past the Judas spirit. Here is one man’s testimony after reading The Judas Spirit:

“After reading the first chapter I realized why, and to whom, this book was written. It was written, I believe to and for people such as myself, who because of this book have been, and will be, forever set free from a spirit whose only motive is to steal, kill and destroy you, and God’s work in you. This spirit is alive and active in the world and it has a name. It is the Judas Spirit.

“As you read this book, please ask yourself this question: Are you motivated by a Judas spirit? If you can relate to any of this book, then seek deliverance today. The Judas spirit is working in our families and churches throughout the world. Don’t be deceived and end up regretting it with a tragic end such as Judas himself had. Thank God I have been set free!”

Danny Wingard


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