The Making of a Champion

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“Champions are a rare breed. They trust God while others ask for answers. They step forward while everyone else prays for volunteers. They see beyond the dangers, the risks, the obstacles, and the hardships.


“Don’t be fooled into thinking that you don’t have what it takes to be a champion. The wonderful truth is, God can do whatever He must do to make you a champion.”

What is God calling you to do? More importantly, what excuses are you giving Him for not stepping forward to the challenge? “I’m only a layperson… I don’t have any training…I’m busy with my job… Other people are better qualified…”

Why let fears and doubts keep you from becoming a true champion for Him?

Lester Sumrall found in the Old Testament hero of Nehemiah the true traits of a champion. When faced with the mountainous task of rebuilding the great wall surrounding Jerusalem, Nehemiah labored undaunted against overwhelming odds until the task was completed. And yet Nehemiah was probably very much like you: an ordinary individual with a heart for God.

The Making of a Champion illustrates the qualities that make up extraordinary character. Dr. Sumrall will walk you through the book of Nehemiah and show you how integrity, prayer, faithfulness, compassion, humility, initiative, and “a holy stubbornness” can be developed and used to accomplish God’s plans for you. When God puts His hand on a man or woman, “Watch out!” says Dr. Sumrall. “There’s no limit to what He can accomplish.”

And just as Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem’s new wall from the rubble of the old, you can turn old habits and excuses into traits that will make you a winning, victorious “overcomer” in life. Let Dr. Sumrall—and Nehemiah—show you how!


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