The Ministry of Cheerfulness

Format: eBook (PDF)
Author(s): Jesse Duplantis
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It is amazing how many Christians are shocked when trouble surfaces in their lives. They have this idea that salvation through Christ brings a candy-coated life. Jesus plainly said that while we were in the world we would have tribulation or trouble. But He commanded us to be of good cheer, because He has overcome this world.

Cheerfulness is infectious! This dynamic book will show you how to pass it on. You will learn:

• How to stop letting the world affect your spirit.
• How the joy of the Lord can keep you living well.
• Why people who are full of faith are also full of power.
• How to stop denying your problems and begin denying their rights.
• How to give your all when God wants you to do something.
• Why you need to be a living epistle for others to see.
• How faith gives you the ability to sing in all sorts of circumstances.
• How to light fires in cold rooms and scatter gloom.

When everybody says it can’t be done, God has an opportunity to produce a manifestation for the world to see. Let Him do it through you!


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