Featured eBook – April 2017 – The Miracle Ministry of the Prophet

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When Invisible Faith Becomes Visible

“Today, in this liberal, double-minded decade, we need to contend earnestly for the God-kind of faith—not the religious form of faith, and not man’s opinion of faith—but biblical faith.

“Without faith it is impossible to please God, and without faith, everything we do is dead. Dead works will not benefit anyone; but faith works will empty a hospital room, raise a person from the dead, and open blind eyes. Faith works will trigger the power necessary to override impossible circumstances.

“Would you like to see the impossibilities in your life turn around because you, by an act of your will, are able to biblically trigger the power of God that is resident in you? Of course you would.

“That’s why I want to pour into your heart, confirm, and validate what God has already put within you. Then you can begin to rise to a level of faith where the manifestation of that invisible faith will become visible.

“In other words, the devil will obey when you command him; the disease will leave when you talk to it; the situation will turn around when you confront it—because you’ve got active faith living in you!”

—Dr. Christian Harfouche in The Miracle Ministry of the Prophet


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