The Myth of Mary

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Author(s): Cesar Vidal
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• Hundreds of millions adore her.
• Millions flock to her shrines each year.
• When all else fails, the faithful turn to her for help.

But is the Mary of Roman Catholicism also the Mary of the Bible?

Or is she an imposter?

After years of extensive research, Cesar Vidal proves in this scholarly book that Roman Catholicism’s Mary and the Mary of the Bible are not the same person.

Readers will discover that Catholicism’s Mary is just a myth, whose origins trace back to ancient pagan goddess worship.

After a thorough examination of the scriptures, you will also learn much about the real Mary of the Bible.

Crammed with documented facts, this book proves that those who worship Mary and look to her for salvation are in for a horrible shock when they stand before God.

Proof that the Roman Catholic Mary is NOT the Mary of the Bible.


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