The Nature of Faith

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Faith operates in the realm of the spirit. It is our method of victory over everything the devil throws in our paths.

The unseen realm is not a fantasy world in which you pretend certain things exist. The world of the spirit is a fact. The highest form of reality that exists is this: God’s Word is true!

Many people are looking for a new revelation, but should instead be building a good foundation for their confidence in God by refreshing the basics of God’s Word in their spirits.

Building a foundation on the basics of God’s Word is like constructing a house. You don’t build a foundation for a house, then leave it. You continue to build on it. When you get an understanding of a principle of God’s Word, you don’t throw it away and get a new one—you keep it and add to it.

The same principles and faith in God that worked for Jesus, the apostles, and other great men of faith will work for you and cause you to live victorious in life.

—Jerry Savelle


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