The Power of Positive Resistance

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The power of positive resistance is the Christian’s antihistamine. The medical term antihistamine comes from the Greek word anthisteemi. It means literally to set over against. To withstand as used in Ephesians 6:13, and to resist the devil as in James 4:7.

It means more than an occasional resistance. It means literally to make a covenant to resist.

We all need an answer to a great deficiency—the lack of resistance on our part against the tricks of the enemy.


The word resist must become both a tool for offensive warfare and a defensive weapon against the enemy. Christians must begin to see the power and potential in this great weapon of resistance and begin to use it.

God promises us that the devil will flee when we resist him.

Various scholars and commentaries define the word resist as

to oppose or withstand … to set one’s self against, either in word or deed or both . . . If you resist him, he will be vanquished and will flee from you disgraced . . . the devil can fight, but he cannot conquer if you resist

. . . strong as he is, God never permits him to conquer the man who continues to resist him . . . Temptations when repelled disappear, and when habitually kept at a distance, cease to exist.

I pray that the reading of this book will better equip you to take your firm stand successfully against the enemy of your soul.
—Dr. Roy Hicks


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