The Reality of Sonship

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Once, in the Kingdom of Darkness there lived a man that was very crafty and knowledgeable in the affairs of that world. He sold his soul to the Prince of Darkness and became consumed with the love of money which is the root of all evil, to the point of planning and executing to murder his wife for a large sum of money. Every day that driving force of darkness ate away at his heart causing him to hate everything in life. The most important day dawned in his miserable life of seeming success, when God spoke directly to him “Trust In Me” and “Follow Me”. The chains of bondage fell off, the scars and hatred began to disappear and God’s love consumed his being.

He became a completely new creation, one of God’s own children, born of spirit, born of God and a joint heir with Jesus Christ.

I am that man, that new creation and I want to share with you these wonderful meditations in our Father’s Word that have helped me renew my mind to who I am and what I am in Christ.

Michael Shattuck


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