The Responsibility of Hearing (JDuplantis)

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Author(s): Jesse Duplantis
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Expect to Hear Jesus!

As a born again child of God, you are anointed with spiritual ears to hear the distinct, divine voice of God. In Mark 4:24, Jesus made it clear that you have a responsibility to heed what you hear.  If you’re ready to tune in to Heaven, this exhilarating message by Jesse is the one for you. As he shares personal stories and confidence-building truths, you’ll understand how:

  • Hearing is not only an urgent business but also a duty
  • Hearing is utilized for the advantage of others
  • Truth grows to perfection when it is held fast and heard
  • And much more!

Every day Jesus is speaking life, love, peace, joy, and destiny to you. Refuse to be distracted by the clamor of the world’s noise. Learn to be a good listener and follow God’s voice into the good life of purpose and adventure that lies ahead for you!

“And He said unto them, Take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye meet, it shall be measured to you: and unto to you that hear shall more be given.”
Mark 4:24


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