The Resurrection – A Place of Life (JDuplantis)

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Rise Up to Your High Place in Christ!

Imagine a magnificent place here on earth…a place where life cancels death, where peace overcomes every fear, and exuberant hope defies all despair. Go on, picture it and grab hold of it. This high place is yours in a risen Christ, and He’s beckoning you to rise up and enter in.

When you accepted Jesus into your life, He not only forgave and saved you, but He raised your position and provided you with everything you need to live the resurrected life. In this eye-opening message, Jesse teaches how Jesus’ resurrection can and should transform every aspect of your life. Discover the overcoming, joyful life Jesus bought for you as you understand how:

  • The resurrection is more than insurance in life; it is assurance of life
  • The resurrection showed us that death is only an event in life, not the closing of it
  • The resurrection was not hurried over—it took three days to pay our price for redemption
  • The resurrection produced a restlessness in the soul of mankind—earth is not our home

Your risen Redeemer lives, and He rose out of the grave for you! He’s calling you up higher to live every day with Him in glorious resurrection power. It’s a place overflowing with life, comfort, and hope in Him.


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