The Sacredness of Sex

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Author(s): Edwin Louis Cole
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“The Sacredness of Sex could well be the start of a new sex revolution…with chastity and virginity as the way to find deep joy, pure romance, true fulfillment.”

“Edwin Cole’s hard-hitting book exposes the truth about morality, purity, and holiness…going all out for God.”
—Leonard LeSourd Former Executive Editor Guideposts Magazine


Today, when sex has been degraded to crass “adult” humor and virginity is regarded by some as cheap merchandise, a new generation is bringing back what the previous generation threw away—a generation that understands…God made sex good!

This could be the most unusual, the most important book about sex you will ever read. Single or married, man or woman, this book holds WISDOM to help you understand why God created you to be sexual…and what to do about it—HOW TO LIVE RIGHT IN A WORLD LIVING WRONG.

This book will forever change your thinking.

If you have been hurt, you will find RESTORATION within these pages.

If you have the heart for it, it will change your life!


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