The Second Coming of Jesus

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As a young man, I had no desire to become a preacher. Yet when I felt the call of God upon my heart, it was the highest honor of my life to go into the ministry.

Today I’m longing to see lost souls won to Christ; to bring deliverance to the sick, the hurting, the downtrodden; and to build up the body of Christ. I’m longing to see thousands of young men and women educated to serve God and to help prepare God’s people for the Rapture-the catching away of the bride of Christ (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).

My soul is set on fire with the message of the Second Coming of Jesus because I believe that when you trust in the Lord and call upon His name to be saved, you can be prepared. You won’t have to be caught unaware by the Rapture of God’s people and be left here on this earth to face the Great Tribulation which will surely follow.

I’m ready to go…and I pray that you are too. Because I believe the Second Coming of Jesus is sooner than you think!


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