The Shamar Prophet

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Author(s): John Eckhardt
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The preserving and guarding aspect of the prophet’s ministry is needed in every local church. This is accomplished through intercession, discernment, praise, preaching, teaching and worship. This helps defend the church against error, heresy, witchcraft, carnality, perversion, legalism, sin, and deception. Each church should develop and train the prophets that have been set in the assembly by God. A failure to do so can result in a local church suffering from many attacks that could have been averted. A revelation of the prophet’s ministry is vital to the success and health of the church. A revelation of the shamar aspect of the prophet’s ministry will help churches protect and defend the flock.

Shamar means to guard, to keep, to be a watchman. It can refer to guarding a flock, the heart, the mind, a nation, or a city from outside attack or ungodly influences. It is used in reference to keeping (guarding) the gates or entries to cities. Each local church needs a prophetic guard. This is not one prophet, but a company of prophets who help guard the church from the invasion of the enemy. Churches that develop the prophetic ministry will have the advantage of being protected through prophetic intercession and the shamar aspect of the prophet’s ministry.


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