The Story of Esther – A Woman of Destiny

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What is Your Destiny?

Have you sensed God’s call to stand against the deplorable conditions that plague our society today? We need only pick up any daily newspaper or listen to the news to learn that pornography, abortion, child abuse, and other family tragedies have reached epidemic proportions. But you may say, “I’m just an ‘ordinary’ person. What can I, alone, do?” In this dynamic teaching, Marilyn shows you how to become a person of destiny who opens the door for the mighty power of God to enter every situation.

The Old Testament gives us a beautiful example of one woman who changed the course of history. To many, Esther appeared to be an obscure Jewish maiden who lived quietly with her cousin Mordecai. Although Esther’s life may have seemed insignificant and “ordinary” to some—in God’s hands she became a woman of destiny whom God used to save the Jewish nation.

Today, we serve the same mighty God, and He is still using so-called “ordinary” men and women to accomplish his divine purposes. Through Jesus Christ you can become a person of destiny—one who overcomes circumstances—and, perhaps, changes the course of history.


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