The Suffering Question

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The Suffering Question: Insights from Job on Life’s Trials, Tests and Troubles

Why do bad things happen to good people? The search for answers to that question has produced more bad theology, empty philosophy and outright spiritual bondage than almost any other. And any discussion of God’s role in human suffering invariably turns to the book of Job.

In The Suffering Question, Mac Hammond confronts this issue head-on with a fresh, thoroughly biblical approach to the book of Job and the question of suffering for the believer.

In this series Mac deals with issues such as
• Why much of the book of job is misunderstood and misinterpreted.
• What Job could have done to hasten his deliverance.
• What types of suffering the believer should submit to and what types we must resist with all our might.
• Keys to miraculous deliverance from trouble.

If you’ve ever struggled for biblical answers to the question of human suffering … if you’ve ever wondered about the goodness of God in the face of tragedy. ..lf you’ve ever just wanted the tools to overcome trouble in your life … This series is for you.


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