The Supernatural Power of a Renewed Mind

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MESSAGE 1: A Sanctified Body and Mind Both the body and mind have suffered great neglect in church history. Whenever the enemy works to distract us from a subject it’s because of its importance. These two elements play a vital role in ushering us into maturity. The body can actually recognize the presence of God, while the mind is a tool in manifesting God’s will on earth.

MESSAGE 2: A Transformed Heart The Holy Spirit has been given the task of finding the truths about our destiny in the heart and mind of the Father. The Father’s heart is the greatest resource of information in the universe. And His thoughts about us are for our welfare. But we must know how to recognize His language.

MESSAGE 3: Understanding is an Experience The truths that have the greatest impact in our lives are the ones that take us into an encounter with God. Biblical understanding comes through an experience. On the other hand, knowledge without experience tends to make us proud. Learn how to respond to truth and be fruitful.

MESSAGE 4: The Eyes of a Tender Heart True humility causes a person to lean into the Lord, and see things that others miss. It is actually how a person starts to value the Kingdom of God that which is eternal, but invisible. A hard heart causes spiritual blindness. This message addresses the tools that God has given us to stay tender . . . enabling us to see.

MESSAGE 5: Heavenly Mindedness As we learn to live with a renewed mind, the impossible becomes logical. That in part is it’s purpose. The unseen takes priority over what is seen. That hurdle is an essential step for all those wanting to live in the miracle realm of Jesus.

MESSAGE 6: The Power of Revelation It doesn’t say that God’s people will perish because of the lack of miracles. It is the lack of knowledge that causes their demise – specifically speaking of revelation from God. That is the driving force behind faith, maturity, and the aggressive advancement of the Kingdom on earth.

MESSAGE 7: Unto Perfection The key to much of what we have prayed for in the last few decades is the spirit of revelation. From the outpouring of the Spirit, to the church becoming a mature man. it all hinges upon our hunger and response to the revelation knowledge of God. And the primary focus of that anointing is the revelation of Jesus Himself. Learn how to attract the revelation of God.

MESSAGE 8: Developing an Understanding Heart When we have an understanding heart, we attract fresh revelation from God. And revelation comes for two basic purposes: 1. To transform us in our relationship with the Holy Spirit. 2. To make us useful servants of the Lord in shaping the world around us by the effective release of His presence. This message was a heart to heart talk that Pastor Bill shared on a Sunday evening at Bethel. The impact was such that we felt it best to add it to this series.


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