The Supernatural Power of Sonship (CDollar)

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Author(s): Creflo A. Dollar, Jr.
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Something powerful happens when a family sticks together through good and bad times. It’s easy to call it quits when things get rough, or to hold on to hurt, unforgiveness, and feelings of rejection. It’s easy to stay mad at relatives for past offenses; but as my wife, Taffi, will tell you, it’s better to release the pain of yesterday, and embrace the love of God today, to experience a better tomorrow. God is a BIG God, and He’s big enough to help you overcome whatever you’re facing with your family. You simply have to submit to His plan for your life.

Be willing to change. Govern your life and relationships by the Word of God, making it the final authority. Be mindful of the advice you follow. Walk in love, regardless of the situation, and diligently pray for your loved ones. Are you ready for a breakthrough in your family relationships? I’m in high expectation with you!


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