The Truth About Holy Spirit Baptism

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Do you want ability to be a witness of the Lord Jesus?

Do you want ability to act like a Son of God?

Then you must hear this life-changing teaching of what the Holy Spirit Baptism is really about. The Lord said that when we receive it that we will be empowered to be His witnesses. But, there are many questions floating around out there as to whether or not we must “feel” it for there to be any power in us, or must we “hear” His voice before we can act in power on His behalf. In this life-giving teaching, you will come face to face with the reality that where you go… the power of Christ goes. You will be amazed to find out that the power of God dwells in you at ALL times and that the anointing that you received abides in you always and is YOUR helper! Get ready to change the world around you in very supernatural ways! This teaching will blow your mind and bring a level of excitement to you that you’ll not be able to contain! Once you realize the truths that you’ll get from this teaching, you will have confidence to step out into, and to start living, the lifestyle of the supernatural witness which you were created, in Christ, to be!


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