The Voice of God

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Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy.
1 Corinthians 14:1 (Niv)

The Bible encourages those who love and obey the living Lord to expect to hear from Him. The Voice of God is a practical guide to hearing God and speaking His voice. It will help you to know how to go about these things without violating Scripture, sanity or just plain good sense.
Jack W. Hayford
Senior Pastor, The Church On The Way

Years ago the person who first convinced me by both word and deed that our sovereign God could and would speak directly to His children was my friend Cindy Jacobs. She taught me many important truths that I had never learned in seminary. That is why I am thrilled to see Cindy’s dynamic ideas in this inspiring book, The Voice of God. I cannot recommend it highly enough for Christians of all theological traditions.
C. Peter Wagner
President, Global Harvest Ministries

Filled with supernatural adventure and deep insight, this timely book is essential reading for today’s spiritual leader. The chapter on spiritual protocol should be particularly helpful to pastors struggling to govern wisely in the midst of the turbulent winds of revival.
John Dawson
International Director of Urban Missions, Youth With a Mission

The Voice of God will answer questions many have had concerning the role and function of the gift of prophecy in the Church today.
I have been blessed personally to receive God’s expression of encouragement through this choice vessel—Cindy Jacobs. She is a unique gift to the Body of Christ, one whom God is using powerfully to impact His people in this vital hour.
Jane Hansen
International President, Women’s Aglow Fellowship International

Although the subject of the prophetic is sometimes confusing and often controversial, The Voice of God provides an invaluable tool to help us understand God’s ways of speaking to and through His children in this, history’s greatest hour of harvest.
Dick Eastman
International President, Every Home for Christ

Is God still speaking to us today?

Is prophecy still a valid gift for God’s children today? In this practical, biblical examination of the gift of prophecy, you’ll get a clear picture of what prophecy is and how it works—in the lives of individuals (personal prophecy) and entire churches or groups (corporate prophecy). The Voice of God shows you how the gift of prophecy, when used correctly, can be the pathway for a powerful, life-giving movement of God in the Church today. This useful guidebook offers signposts to follow as you explore the questions and answers, and the do’s and don’ts of prophecy—the spiritual gift that we are told to desire above all the others.

The Voice of God includes
discussion questions at the end of each chapter for use by individuals or small groups.


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