The Winds of God Bring Revival

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Fourteen years ago the Spirit of the Lord told me to go to Howard University in Washington, D.C. This was during the time students were rioting on university campuses.

After I arrived at Howard University, I was asked to speak for the Chapel service. As I sat on the stage during this meeting, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and I received a vision from the Lord.


I saw four winds fall out of heaven. One came from the east, one from the west, one from the north, and one from the south. All four winds came from different directions out of the heavens. I watched as they came toward each other like four whirlwinds. They came together in the heavenlies with a mighty force and hit head on to become one great whirlwind that fell to earth, and the word of the Lord came unto me saying:

This is the way the revival will come to the earth—like a wind—all of a sudden out of heaven. Nobody will see it. It will just come, and I am going to use young people as a great part to spread the revival.


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