The Word from the Holy Land

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Author(s): Trinity Broadcasting Network with Efrem Zimbalist Jr
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Would you like to take a mini-trip to the Holy Land? Well now you can with this inspiring new video, The Word From the Holy Land.

Our dear friend, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., who has read The Word on TBN for many years, takes us on an unforgettable trip through the Gospel, and as he does, Jan and her crew will take you to Beulah Land.

As Efrem’s golden voice tells you of Calvary, you will stand at the foot of the Cross. You will watch Jesus break bread at the Last Supper; you will see the awful whipping post; you will witness His healing touch. At the conclusion, you will be blessed by Mike Purkey’s touching music video, “At Calvary,” that was taped on location at Golgotha-the actual “place of the skull.”

Whether or not you have been to the Holy Land, we’re sure that you will be blessed and inspired again and again with this video mini-trip to the land of the Bible.


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