Tony Evans Speaks Out on Gambling and the Lottery

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Just a lottery ticket… a few hours at the racetrack… a quarter in a slot machine. It’s fun. It’s legal. And you just might strike it rich!

As the number of lotteries and casinos skyrockets, you may wonder whether gambling might be an innocent pastime after all. Even if you never play, you can’t escape the issues. Will you vote to allow riverboat casinos? Can you help the relative who spends rent money on Lotto tickets? Should your church sponsor a raffle to raise funds?

Tony Evans cuts through pro-gambling hype— and anti-gambling cliches—with clear, biblical counsel. In this lively, down-to-earth guide you’ll find…

° Ten vital questions to help you make up your mind about gambling
° The difference between wise and unwise risk-taking
° What God thinks about wealth, work, and investments

Discover God’s perspective on today’s get-rich-quick schemes—and His sure path to treasures that last.


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