Training Camp for the Army of God

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Author(s): Norvel Hayes
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It’s time for you to take your place in God’s Army!

These are radical days, days of excess, when evil seemingly reigns where there once was goodness. People everywhere are crying out for help and looking to the Church. They are looking for answers, and they are looking for people with power working in their lives.

The Church must now rise up and be hold and strong to proclaim the truth and power of the gospel. It is time for you to become an active part of the army of God. ‘This is an army that gets things done—not by Christians who are mediocre, full of apathy and floating with the tide, but by fully-trained and disciplined Christians who stand up for the power and the authority of God’s Word.

This book is a call to join the radical army of God. A call to be a mighty warrior for the Most High God. It is time we stand on our feet and proclaim the victory over the kingdom of darkness, and take by force that which God has given us. It is a time when the call goes forth for Christians everywhere to be radical in their faith.

Join God’s boot camp. Let God train you how to go forth in His name.


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