Treasure – Uncovering Principles and Patterns That Create Prosperity

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Author(s): Edwin Louis Cole
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In this captivating, easy-to-read book, Edwin Louis Cole uncovers immutable principles that govern success.

“Everything in life follows a pattern, based on a principle. You thrive when you base your life on principles and build according to patterns that work. Discovering principles is a lifelong passion for people who prosper.”

Join successful people worldwide who have discovered these keys to prospering at a higher level:

* The one thing that makes your life smaller and how to avoid it.
* Choices determine conduct, character and destiny.
* What three things do successful people master?
* How to create an environment that attracts success.
* The one principle that will always make you a leader.

“Edwin Cole’s teaching changed my life, changed my marriage.” – Reggie White

“Edwin Louis Cole is an example, an inspiration in a time that cries out for leaders with sound moral value.”
– Oliver North

“Edwin Louis Cole is my mentor.”
– Bill McCartney


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